Vintage 1950’s Offical Howdy Doody Ranch House Tool Box

I often lament not being around in the 50's. It's my favorite decade and I wasn't even born yet. Things just seemed so much simpler then. Can you imagine the kids of today contentedly tuning-in to the adventures of a mildly autistic, gape-toothed, ginger-headed marionette child, his cadre of equally socially awkward puppet pals and a mute clown who all live in a confusing western dude-ranch/circus type of thing? Nope, not our kids, But our parents somehow found 13 years worth of entertainment in Howdy Doody's bizarre little world

This Howdy Doody Ranch House Tool Box measures 3" high, 14" long, 6" deep and is in fair condition. Although the graphics are still clearly visible and colorful there is a decent amount of light surface rust covering the top. The latch and  handle are still in good shape and the interior of the box is clean (it still has a sticker reading Liberty Steel Chest Corp. Rochester, New York). The graphics themselves deserve a moment's discussion; To the center and left we see Howdy wrangling Clarabel with his lasso like some pathetic rodeo calf. His intentions would have remained a mystery were it not for the graphics to the right of the box top depicting our hero brandishing a branding iron with his initials, HD, while smiling with demonic glee…….Poor Clarabell!!! And all the while, Flub-A-Dub, that Dachshund-Bodied, Duck-Billed, Pig-Tailed, Giraffe-Necked monster that they hang out with is encouraging these sadistic shenanigans with smiling approval. Or maybe that's just my take on it. Oh, there is also a copyright with the name Kagran next to it

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