Vintage 1950’s NAPCO 6 1/4″ Lady Head Vase, Blonde Teen Girl w/ Pigtails & Beret

Outstanding 1950's NAPCO Lady Head Vase featuring a Blonde Teenage Girl with Pigtails and Beret Measuring 6 1/4"

If you run through the many Head Vases being listed on eBay at any given time you'll be fortunate to run across this little sweetheart. She's in very good condition with her only real flaw being that some of the paint on her lips needs to touched up and there is an extremely small nick at the bottom of one of the checks on her shirt (you can see it in the first photo   -if you really try). She still has some potting soil in her, but I'll leave that for you to clean out. This particular piece has a stamp on the bottom that reads "Japan" with a three-leaf clover next to it in red that is still present. She originally came with a National Potteries Co. foil sticker that is now missing

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