Vintage 1950s Mens Large Winter Alpine Hat w/ Embroidered Band & 6 Hat Pins

Not Just a Crazy Old Man Accessory Anymore, The Classic Winter Alpine Hat Is Back Baby!!!
This is an Outstanding Mid-Century Mens Large Tyrolean Hat with Faux Brown Fur, an Embroidered Braid Patterned Headband and Four Different Feathers affixed to a Vase Pin. The icing on the cake is the collection of 6 vintage pins that the original owner set in the hat: 2 GR.S. Bernardo pins from the Great Bernardo Pass in the Western Alps, a Cable Car Pin from Montreux Switzerland, an enameled pin from Little Switzerland (a Wisconsin Ski Resort), a Pin from Berlin Haupstadt Der DDR (Cold War East Germany), and a final little gem from the Bavarian Resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  -This hat has seen the world!……..well at least the part of the world where it would seem fashionably appropriate for it to be worn
This hat is in Outstanding Condition with the only flaw being that the feathers have separated, but as any little kid who's played with feathers knows; with a little effort they can be made to look like new. This would be the perfect hat to wear while herding goats, carving wooden boys or waiting at the bus stop when it's farging cold out


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