Vintage 1950’s Hoot-Nanny Magic Designer in Box. Predates Spirograph by a Decade

I loved Spirograph as a kid. I remember it being the first toy that I ever owned that made me think of how amazing it was that someone thought of it. I didn't know squat about Euclidean Geometry, Archimedes' Studies of Conic Sections or Kepler's theory of Ellipses…………….and I still don't, but I know enough to understand that the good folks at Kenner had about 2300 years of help; and most of it came about 10 years before in the form of the Hoot-Nanny Magic Designer manufactured by The Northern Signal Company of Saukville Wisconsin (turns out they were the ones who originally ripped off a bunch of Ancient Greeks and at least one German)
This set is so cool! It's taking all of the restraint that I have not to play with it. The Magic designer is made completely of metal (with the exception of the plastic crank handle). It has two hinged arms with multitudinous holes that slip over two pins; the bottom of which can be adjusted between 10 and 70 degrees, and a crank that turns the wheel that holds the paper. All of these combined variables create, like it's offspring Spirograph, infinite possibilities. The downside to this versus Spirograph would be that you have to use circular paper (of which I have 17 white and pink sheets left), and it is designed to use a pencil -since the holder is uses a pressure fitting and the hole is too small for most pens  -this I believe could be easily overcome using the right sized pen
This set is in Outstanding Condition, but I assume most surviving models are since they were made to last (they border on unbreakable). It is only missing its original pencil and about 2/3 of its original circular paper. The box is in Excellent Condition as well, with superb Mid-Century Graphics. The top does, however, have one split corner. This set comes with its original styrofoam insert, directions and warrantee


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