Vintage 1950’s Hazelle 16″ Robin Hood “Airplane Control” Marionette

1950's Hazelle "Airplane Control" 16" Robin Hood Marionette in Excellent Condition
This is a classic mid-century toy! Robin's face could be cleaned lightly with a soapy face towel (how do you think you'd look if you lived in Sherwood Forest?), but he is in overall clean and highly displayable condition. His clothes are in nice shape with the only minor issues being that his leather collar has curled a little with time and the ends of his fringed tunic are starting to fray the slightest little bit. His to control sticks (I don't know what they're actually called) are in great condition and the cross shaped one has some of it's original manufacturer's sticker left. His lines seem to be all intact and at the proper length, however, even though I was able to untangle them, I can in no way insure that they will arrive that way; in fact I can almost guarantee the opposite (these strings tangle so easily!)


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