Vintage 1950’s Gellman Bros. Camp Knife w/ Sheath In Orig. Box -Made In Japan

This is a Vintage 1950's, Almost New,  Gellman Brothers, Japanese Made Folding Camp Utensil Knife with Original Leather & Vinyl Studded Belt Loop Sheath and Shipping Box
it has a classic faux wood handle with a lanyard loop and a folding Knife, Fork, Spoon, Can & Bottle Opener, Cork Screw, File, Leather Punch and Scissors. THe Knife is in nearly perfect condition and I think that the only marks on the knife and tools where caused by brushing up against one another. The Sheath has a leather holster & strap and a metal push-button fastener and studs with a matching vinyl belt loop. It comes with it's original box which refers to this model as "Bear", and has a sticker that boasts "Fine Quality Pocket Knife G.C. & H.  I.C.A. on one side and one on the other that designates this as "Art. No. 1766" and informs us that it was "Made In Japan"
This is a classic piece that would be at home in any glove compartment, backpack or tackle box


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