Vintage 1950’s Feather Breez Pork Pie Straw Fishing Golf Hat Size 7 1/4 -Red

Extremely Rare, Kitschy as Hell, 1950's Size 7 1/4 Straw Pork Pie Golf-Themed Fishing Hat (or Golf-Themed Golf Hat if you prefer) Manufactured by Feather Breez [sic], In Mint Condition and Insanely Kick Butt!!!

I've been at this eBay thing for awhile now and I guess I'm as guilty as anyone for over-using the word "Rare", but if the whole internet doesn't have one iota of evidence that an item, or even the company that made that item, has ever existed………well, then I think I'm well within my rights to call it rare!
Soooooooo…this is a VERY RARE ITEM!!! I'd almost be willing to call it "one of a kind" 'cept I have two of them (this one has a green band around it and the other has green)
I guess that everything that needs to be conveyed about this hat is in the photos or in that rambling run-on sentence that I opened with, but I just have to add that this is one of those unusual opportunities to buy something cool and unique before the whole world is looking for one

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