Vintage 1950’s Ceramic Pixie Elf Cookie Jar -Classic Mid-Century Colors!

This is a very charming, eye-catching Vintage 1950's Ceramic Pixie Cookie Jar that measures 10" high to the stem of his, or her (-sexual ambiguity has plagued the Pixie community for eons) lid. This is a rather small jar as Cookie Jar's go, and would be perfect for a smaller batch of Snickerdoodles, or on a counter with limited space (as well as on any kitchen shelf as an accent piece). It is in very nice overall condition, but it does have a number of small chips in the paint   -most noticeably on the corner of the right eye and on the backside of the stem (see photos), but these could be easily touched up with a little acrylic paint and a modicum of talent. The ceramic itself has some crazing (only on the lid). but there aren't any cracks or chips
The thing that sets this apart from other Pixie Cookie Jars from that era (odd that that was a trend, isn't it?) is the use of period indicative colors (the teal, avocado and pinkish white of the lid). C'mon! You know you wanna store your cookies in this little freak's head!


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