Vintage 1950’s C. Nickels Faux Fur Winter Alpine Hat Size 7 1/8″

This is a very Traditional Vintage 1950's Winter Alpine Hat by C.Nickels. It has its pin, feather and banding and in very nice overall condition. There is a backer in the brim (I'm not sure if it's plastic or cardboard) that has snapped in two at the center, but the brim doesn't suffer any sagging or disfigurement from it; In fact the only flaw to this hat would be the easily correctible issue of there being a very fine black powdery residue that needs to be removed from the inside of the hat. This is most likely from the quilted liner of the hat loosing its treated protective coating over the years. This can be removed with dry cleaning

I believe that this is a size 7 1/8. It hasn't any size tag, but it fits like all 7 1/8 hats fit on my peculiarly large melon (on other words; not at all) and that would make this a Medium Sized hat. As additnal eveidence; it's smaller than another alpine hat that I'm currently listing that is tagged as a large

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