Vintage 1949 Merry-Go-Sip Child’s Drinking Cup Designed by Eddie Goldfarb!

Eddy Goldfarb & Marvin Glass' Collabritive offspring: The Merry-Go-Sip Cup

In 1949 two future Toy Hall Of Fame Members combined forces to collaborate on three toys. These immortal titans of playtime where the legendary developer Marvin Glass and the great designer Eddy Goldfarb whose combined careers would later give us Ker-Plunk, Mouse Trap, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Mr. Machine, Simon, The Great Garloo, Lite Brite, Battling Tops and Creepy Crawlers to name only a few. Their first creation was the Busy Biddy; a plastic chicken that laid marble eggs. Their second, also for Topic Toys of Chicago, was the Merry-Go-Sip Child's drinking cup (Oh and their third was a little item that is rivaled only by the rubber chicken in pop culture ubiquity – The Yakity Yak Chattering Teeth……but I'm not selling one of those). The Merry-Go-Sip is a cup that "Eliminates 'Drink Your Milk' Fuss", as it boasts on the box, by causing a little merry-go-round with a ducky, a kitty and a bunny to spin around when liquid is drawn out of the cup with a straw……and in 1949 I suppose this was the equivalent of dosing your kids milk with blotter acid

This Merry-Go-Sip is in fantastic condition. The box is slightly dirty (it could be carefully cleaned), but it hasn't any splits, tears or bulges. The insert is still bright with classic post-war graphics of idealized frolicking children and has only one small tear at the bottom left where the cup fits in. The cup itself actually looks like new. The straw has some significant crimping and could (and should) be easily replaced

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