Vintage 1940’s Pony Boy Toy Leather Gun Belt & Holster Set w/ Plastic Bullets

They Don't Make Toys Like This Anymore!!!

Really, they don't! These fragile little, bike helmet wearing, play-dating, peanut allergic kids today would have nightmares for weeks after one glimpse of this iconic cornerstone of pretend violence! Also, toy companies today would never use these kinds of materials and this quality of craftsmanship even if they did decide to thumb there noses at the perennially protesting parents of these pale little wusses!!!
This holster and belt are made of sturdy leather and are adorned with metal rivets and plastic rhinestones. The holster has a leather cows head and is imprinted in a way that makes it appear to be tooled. The belt is adjustable and has a metal buckle, tab and loop as well as 12 bullet loops filled with 12 red plastic bullets and a rivet and rhinestone decoration on its back. They are both in great condition, but the holster does have some wear from use… don't want this thing to look like it belongs to some tenderfooted dude, do ya?
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