Vintage 1930’s National Tinsel Co. Spun Glass Die Cut Angel Tree Topper in Box

Wanna Celebrate the season like Ralphie and the rest of the Parker Family, or are you getting ready for a good old fashioned Griswald Christmas? Were you made the director of your grade school nativity play and entrusted with buying and decorating the tree? Or are you looking for the perfect topper to sit on the tree that you and your neighbors are gonna hold hands and sing around in Whoville?……………….Well, my festive friend I've got just the thing for you!

This Depression Era, 1930's National Tinsel CO. Spun Glass, Die-Cut Angel Tree Topper in its original Box is simply outstanding. Measuring 9" from the cone to the top, it's in Excellent Condition with only a few errant hairs that need to be tamed on Angel's beard-like gown. She has gold foil wings and an eerily realistic childlike face with a number of white 5-point stars floating around in the fiberglass radiance around her. The box is in decent vintage condition with excellent old-timey graphics. See the photos to behold the splendor

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