Vintage 1921 Jantzen Wool Womens Bathing Suit Purple & Black Swimsuit -Amazing!

I hate to be boastful, but, in my unfortunately biased opinion this is the Best 1920's Wool Swimsuit EVER!!!!
This 1921 Jantzen Wool One-Piece Bathing Suit is not only a very outlandish for its day Purple, but it has Black Piping around its Skirt and an Embroidered Jantzen Diving Girl in a Red Onesie on the leg. Even the tag is fancier than any others that I've seen from this era. Unstretched It measures 21 1/2" from its neckline to its crotch, 13" from underarm to underarm and 11" across the hips where the skirt is stitched to the shorts…….I have no idea what the sizes are when it's stretched (it does so quite easily). 
There are a number of small moth holes (but show me another 93 year old pure wool garment that hasn't any) so please consult the photos before bidding


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