Vintage 15″ Black Cat w/ Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Light-Up Blow Mold Decoration

What a Blast from our Halloween Past!
This 15" Blow Mold Black Cat with Jack 'O Lantern Light Up Decoration Comes with its cord and bulb. Plug it in and your ready to go……..if by "go" you mean straight to the steaming bowels of Hell! Mwhaaaaaa Mwhaaaaa Mwhaaaaaaaa!…………-I'm sorry, I really like Halloween, but my Dr. says it's bad for me
The only notable flaw is that there is some paint loss on the cat, but a little gloss black spray pain and your good as new…….if by "new" you mean gleaming like the razor sharp incisors of a recently turned Vampire whose ravenous thirst can only be quenched by the lifeblood of a virginal young debutant! Mwhaaaaaa Mwhaaaaa Mwhaaaaaaaa!
Yeah, I'm gonna go lay down now

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