Very Rare 1972 Burt Reynolds “Big Burt” Naked Butt 500+ pc. Puzzle -COMPLETE!!!

WHAT A FIND!!!!!!!!!!

This 1972 Burt Reynolds "Big Burt" Puzzle is insane!!!! I have researched this piece and I have found only a few of them on the internet and of those only one that was formerly for sale (and that one wasn't complete and didn't have a box that is in pristine condition like this one)

Shot in 1972 around the same time that the weirdly iconic Cosmopolitan naked-on-a-bearskin-rug-with-his-hand-over-his-crotch centerfold was taken, the image on this puzzle is a not so subtle reminder of the hedonistic early 70's, the confidence of that decade's biggest male sex-symbol and the incredible amount of body hair that men sported just 40 years ago. This is Burt in his post-Dan August, pre-Longest Yard prime Of Deliverance and Fuzz. Back in a decade when he could have had any woman in the world, but somehow ended up with Judy Carne, Dinah Shore, Sally Field, Chris Everett and Loni Anderson

This puzzle has "Over 500 Pieces" and is complete. The pieces are in very nice condition, but it is apparent that they have been put together before. When completed it measures 17 1/2" X 23 1/2". The box is in outstanding condition, without any split corners, bulging sides, tears or blemishes and would make an excellent display piece in any 70's themed room, bi-curious or straight-up gay man-cave or, as in my case, in the collection of someone who thinks naked man-butt is funny

This may be you last chance to own this classic example of why other countries hate us

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