Very Rare 1970 Jolly Green Giant 9 1/2″ Mail-Away Vinyl Advertising Figure

"From the valley of the Jolly ('ho, ho, ho') Green Giant! 
Good things from the garden
Garden in the valley Valley of the Jolly Green Giant! 
Some are green-snappin' fresh Kitchen-sliced to taste the best 

Tender beans are comin' from the valley! (From the valley!)
'ho, ho, ho' Green Giant!"

When I was a kid product mascots were so much more distinctive than they are now. Many of them were also overtly intimidating. Sure, they all smiled (somewhat menacingly to my thinking) and tried to help consumers with their wares, but I always imagined that Mr. Clean, The Brawny guy or The Jolly Green Giant could break bad in a heartbeat!

Ever notice how the Giant just loomed over people working in his fields with fascist superiority like some sort of gargantuan chain gang yard boss? He seemed so obsessed with production and quality control that if one his field-hands picked the wrong veggie before it was ripe…then STOMP!!! with one of his his verdant green size 500's!

This is an awesome slice of advertising history. A 1970 mail-order Jolly Green Giant vinyl figure measuring an innocuous 9 1/2" tall and in excellent overall shape. I wanted one of these for myself for years and found them very hard to come buy (unfortunately, now that I have one I'm forced to sell it). The original owner, "Angela" was so covetous of her replica emerald mutant man-plant that she wrote her name on his back with a marker. I haven't tried to remove it myself but I'm sure with a little Mr. Clean and a Brawny Paper towel it'll come right off (I'm well indoctrinated).

This figure would make an excellent display piece for your kitchen or you can perch him atop your refrigerator so that he can keep your kids in line while they do their chores.

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