Very Cool & Unique Vintage 1950’s Double Cone Fiberglass Bullet Lamp

Mid-Century Incarnate! 

This 15" High Double Cone Fiberglass Lamp is Quite Different than others that I've seen over the years. Instead of a flexible gooseneck arm it has two entwined tubular steel arms attached to an 8" diameter steel ring that is affixed to a 5" diameter wood base. The fiberglass cones are in exceptional condition without any cracks or or burns; there is however, a very faint and almost unnoticeable bit of scorching on the right cone that only a person looking for it would notice. There is also a very small 1/4" nick on the edge of the right cone (these points are very minor, and do little to lesson the the excellent overall appearance of this piece, but we try to be as explicit as possible with our descriptions). It has a 70" cord with a splice 9" from the plug and a wheel on/off switch conveniently located 4" from the base
This is a very slick looking lamp that would add some vintage swagger to any office, living room or bedroom

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