Unissued Original WW2 Lifeboat Fishing Survival Kit


Original WW2 Lifeboat Fishing Survival Kit, Unused and in Excellent Condition!

Manufactured for Navy Seamen and Aviators by the Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co. under the Emergency Directive from President Franklin Roosevelt in 1943. This is the large kit of the two that were made. It contains:

  • Canvas roll up apron pouch with many pre-rigged fishing handlines
  • USA made Imperial brand floating bait/fish knife
  • Extra rigged hooks with steel leaders
  • Whetstone for sharpening hooks
  • 4 different handline rigs- 2 with feather jigs, 1 with lead jigging spoon, 1 with weighted grapple hook
  • Waterproof instruction/survival/fishing hints tip sheet
  • Special folding small net for catching bait fish
  • Waxed cardboard tube with cork stopper
  • Complete with the exception of 4 items: the original #10 can that it was packed in, cloth gloves, pre-rigged harpoon, and the Pork Rind baits used on the hooks

This is a great piece of American wartime history and a functional survival kit that would still be the difference between life and death if stranded in the open water.

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