Super Rare 1967 Parker Brothers Larry Harmon’s Bozo Board Game

Super Rare 1967 Parker Brothers Larry Harmon's Bozo Board Game

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From the era before we all realized that clowns are intrinsically creepy comes this extremely rare 1967 "Parker Brothers Presents: Larry Harmon's Bozo, The World's Most Famous Clown Game" in Very Good Condition

The box top of this game features Boz's originator, Larry Harmon (who was but a pale precursor to the indomitable Bob Bell of Chicago's WGN version). The top has been repaired with white glue and has some wear; most notably a light red ink doodle towards the top of the clown's head, a 15 Cent mark in blue ink on his right hand, some mild creasing, a few spots where the graphics have been torn off by tape and two pieces of scotch tape at the middle of both sides.


The game itself is in nice condition with, as far as I can tell from the following description from, all of the needed parts:

"This game has a board on which are mounted seven interlocking gears. To begin, you take Picture Disks (depicting Bozo and his friends) and place them on the faces of the gears. On your turn, you spin the spinner and rotate the center gear a number of notches equal to the number spun. You then check all the disks to see if any figures are standing on their heads (upside-down). If there are, you remove and keep them, replacing them with new discs from the stack. The player with the most discs, when they've all been removed, is the winner."


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