So Cool 1980’s Vinardi Lead Crystal & Bronze Surfer & Wave Sculpture

You can hunt the Web until you're blue in the face; YOU WON'T FIND A COOLER VINARDI SCULPTURE ANYWHERE!

Vinardi Sculptures Limited of Oak Brook Illinois only existed from 1982 to 1991, but in that time they created some very distinctive and highly collectible leaded crystal sculptures. This one is by far my favorite. Measuring 7 1/4" long and 5" high, and weighing in at at a sturdy 2 lbs, this piece features an 1 1/2" tall bronze surfer on a 2" surfboard shooting the curl on big, rolling crystal wave. It's in mint condition and has the Vinardi name etched into the bottom
If you are a surfer, know a surfer, or are like me; a land-locked Midwesterner who has been enthralled by surfing his whole life, you should grab this exceedingly rare sculpture while you have the chance

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