Set of Early 20th Century 6 1/2″ Porcelain Figurines

Porcelain Figures

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Antique, Early 20th Century Porcelain, 6 1/2" Hand Painted Figurine Set

Unlike the majority of my auctions, these items were not picked up at an estate sale. These were handed down to us by a dear friend who passed away at the age of 85 five years ago. They belonged to her mother who, we were told -and cannot verify, brought them with her when she immigrated to America from Germany in the 1910's. For that reason they are way outta my, pop-culture, vintage toy and mid-century collectibles wheelhouse. I can give you only this information: they are both in nice condition, however, the woman seems to have once been holding something (possible a fan) that has sheered off (see photo 2), but it took us a few years to even notice it. The male (or what passed for  a male in the 18th century) figurine has a maker's mark that is a pair of clubs (or sausages) that cross to make an "X" topped by a crown that is topped by a smaller single line cross. Below the X is a smaller letter "P" and below that is an oval with "A&P" stamped within it running lengthwise to the figure. Below that, also running lengthwise, but flipped around are the numbers 3493. The woman has no maker's mark, but at her base are the numbers 3491

I know nothing about this sort of thing, but I know that many of you Ebayers do. I have researched this set only to realize how many maker's marks are similar, yet subtly different to this one. One antique dealer told me that he believed them to be from 1890's Austria and another from 1920's Germany. So I am relying on your information, if you have any, to help this listing appear that it wasn't posted by a middle-aged toy-collecting construction worker who begged his wife for five years to remove these dainty little things from the Troma section of his DVD shelving


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