Set Of 3 Vintage 50’s Hand Loom Ebroidered Monogrammed “L” Handkerchiefs N.I.B.

Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

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1950's Package of 3 Hand Loom Embroidered Monogram "L" Continental Fold , Rolled Hem Handkerchiefs New In The Package

How can we ever recapture the class of an era where men wore suits and women wore dresses to go to the movies, when a fella wouldn't be caught outside without a sharp hat? Back in the 50's and early 60's getting a shoe shine and a haircut was a weekly thing and tie clips, cuff links and cigarette cases were everyday accoutrements. When we watch Madmen or some other period show or movie from those decades we pine for a time when stepping into an office during working hours meant being offered a glass of scotch and a Lucky Strike. Back then a man carried a handkerchief; and if he was really slick that handkerchief was monogrammed, and occasionally that monogram was the letter "L".

These hankies are fantastic. They are still in their cellophane and come in a gold foil box that would make them a great present for your favorite lounge lizard. Made of sheer linen with stitched hems and detailed embroidery, they radiate a sophistication that shouldn't be limited to someone fortunate enough to have a first or last name that begins with the letter "L"


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