Set of 1960’s Christmas Elf Knee Huggers Made in Japan

2 Xmas Elves

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Set Of 2 Vintage 1960's Christmas Elf Knee Huggers Made in Japan

I keep having to go back and correct myself, having typed Tree Huggers instead of Knee Huggers in both the previous line and the title of this listing. Maybe I subliminally believe that elves have environmental leanings. Or perhaps its because that Keebler clan chooses to live and work in a tree; but I live and work in a split level ranch and you don't see me going around hugging it. Anyway, these elves are in very good overall condition, however, their once green felt onesies are now almost uniformly gray and the younger, cleaner shaven feller has a small scratch on the paint of his left eye. They measure just under 6" sitting with their legs folded, and the older, hairier one still has his "Made In Japan" sticker (but I can say with great confidence that they both came from the same manufacturer)

These elves will add a great vintage touch to your Christmas decorating, and with Christmas only 45 weeks away you better act fast. Also take a look at my listing for a vintage 1971 Analee Mobility 7" Skiing Santa  -I'm sure that he too would be hugging his knees (this is apparently a tradition of supernatural North Pole denizens) but his hands are busy holding his ski poles

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