Rare Vintage United Airlines Promotional 15″ Resin Tiki Statue -25th Anniversary

Very Kitschy & Collectible 1970's United Airlines Promotional 15" Vinyl Resin Tiki Statue in Great Condition!

An Excellent, Shelf-Sized edition Of United Airlines Hawaiian Promotional series, This Tiki God Statue stands 15" and is constructed of faux Koa wood Resin. He is in very nice shape with only a small area at the top of his base where his brown paint is missing (probably manufactured that way), a little area at his back where the resin finish has chipped and two hairline, 1/2" cracks at the front of his ankles (these are invisible unless you bend him slightly, and they could be easily fixed withouta trace with a little white glue). The front of his base have the words " United Air Lines Hawaii", while the back confusingly boasts "United Airlines 25 Years Serving Hawaii 1917-1972 (…..which of coarse, is 55 not 25 years!)
We are currently offering 3 more United Airlines Hawaiian Promotions for auction, so please take a look at out other listings!

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