Rare & Vintage 1960’s Old School Skateboard Apollo Skateship -All Original!!!

Old School Apollo USA Skateship Skateboard In Outstanding Condition with Original Finish & Hardware!!!

The solid wood deck hasn't any splits, cracks, gouges or warping; in fact, there is very little wear to it at all. The graphics (which are exceptionally cool) are still sharp and easily visible (I don't believe that they were ever completely opaque even when this board was new), with the only minor flaw being one diagonal scratch running across the bottom (this doesn't cut into the wood though) -see the pictures. The steel wheels and hardware are all still intact; even the original hex head screws securing the base plates down
Measuring 23" long, x 5 1/4" wide, 3/4" thick and weighing in at 3lbs,this skateboard was made by the Southern Associated Manufacturers of Little Rock, AR. This is a great find for a collector or any skateboarder who'd like to own a piece of history

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