Rare 1978 Super Junior 7″ Superman Squeaky Toy

Rare 1978 Super Junior 7" Superman Squeaky Toy

Okay, so although he comes from a more intelligent race of beings, Clark Kent was never very clever when it came to keeping his secret identity hidden. Of course the whole "Glasses as a disguise" argument has been beaten to death, but what about traipsing around as a kid in a costume that he would later wear as a teen and adult superhero? Don't you think that Lana Lang would later wonder why Superman is wearing a uniform in Metropolis (where Clark now lives) very much like the one that little Clark Kent wore back in Smallville?

This little Kriptonian is in overall nice condition with a little bit of scuffing here and there (the edge of his cape, the tips of his boots, his elbows, his little dangley hair thingy, etc…   -see photos), but is highly displayable, and best of all   -he still (somewhat) squeaks!

See my listings for a Super Junior Batman that I am also putting up for auction. They play together very nicely…..as long as Frank Miller isn't involved.



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