Rare 1978 Super Junior 7″ Batman Squeaky Toy

Rare 1978 Super Junior 7" Batman Squeaky Toy

The ever resilient little Bruce Wayne! Despite having seen his parents brutally gunned down only a short time before, this plucky little trust-fund cherub has not only found the courage to fashion himself into a pint-size vigilante but his indomitable spirit can still offer us up a cheery wave of Hello! He is, of course, unaware that there are other kids in his kindergarten class like Harvey Dent, Jonathan Crane, Jervis Tetch and that pale giggly kid with the green hair who are gonna end up being a real pain in his ass.

This little Dark Knight is in overall nice condition with a little bit of scuffing here and there (his belt buckle, the tips of his boots, the back of his head, etc…   -see photos), but is highly displayable, and best of all   -he still squeaks!

See my listings for a Super Junior Superman that I am also putting up for auction. They play together very nicely…..as long as Frank Miller isn't involved.

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