Rare 1961 Dick Tracy AM Transistor Radio….WORKS!!!

OK Crime Stoppers,…..Big Boy, Flattop and Pruneface are on a spree, robbing every bank in the city. How you gonna stay informed, huh?….Well, by listening to your Official 1961 Dick Tracy 2 Transistor AM Police Radio Receiver Model #1000 Manufactured by American Toy of Japan (?????) and Copyrighted by The Chicago Tribune NY News Sundicate   -That's How!

This radio is an excellent pop culture artifact. It's in nice overall condition (although it could use a light cleaning). The graphics are perfect and the silver badge faceplate is dent-free. It does, however, have a small chip in its back right corner and it is missing it's back cover. I tested it and it works great. Like all transistor radios it takes some finesse to tune, but once it's locked in it plays loudly

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