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Set of Early 20th Century 6 1/2″ Porcelain Figurines

click on picture to visit to my ebay store Antique, Early 20th Century Porcelain, 6 1/2" Hand Painted Figurine Set Unlike the majority of my auctions, these items were not picked up at an estate sale. These were handed down to us by a dear

Vintage Smiley Face Clear Vinyl Tote Bag -New & Unused

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   Vintage Smiley Face Clear Vinyl Tote Bag, New & Unused with Original Tag The Smiley Face, since its inception in the 70's, has popped up so often that it has never had a chance to

1950’s Mid-Century Ronson Biomorphic Ashtray & Matching Table Lighter Set

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   Cool & Swingin' 1950's Ronson Biomorphic Ceramic Ashtray with Matching Table Lighter This is very Swanky Mid-Century set is in Nice Condition, with only one small hairline crack that runs underneath the ashtray (almost noticeable

Insane 1950’s Green Elephant Figural Planter Lamp w/ Fiberglass Shade

click on picture to visit to my ebay store     This Is The Kitschiest Lamp On Earth!!! I love the 50's. Let's forgo a discussion about McCarthyism, social injustice, sexual inequality and protracted Southeast Asian conflicts and just focus on the fun stuff for

Disney Christmas Collection 7 1/2″ Tinker Bell Tree Topper, Rare Version NIB!!!

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   Nothing says "Merry Christmas" better than a scantly-clad well-endowed pixie! I had no Idea how many Tinker Bell tree toppers there were until I started researching this estate sale find. Out of the dozen or

1970’s Kingston Acoustic Guitar with Case

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   1970's Japanese Made Kingston Acoustic Guitar In Excellent condition with Original Case This guitar is in overall great condition with a few pick scratches above its sound hole and below its pick guard. It is

1971 Annalee Skiing Santa 7″ Mobilitee Poseable Doll

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   Classic 1971 Annalee Skiing Santa 7" Mobilitee Poseable Doll This doll is in very nice condition and will add a perfect retro feel to you Christmas decorating   -just like the two 60's knee hugging elves

Vintage 1950’s Cardigan High Scool Letterman Sweater -Mens Medium

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   Vintage 1950's Men's Medium Cardigan High School Letterman Sweater Need a sweater for the sock hop? Lookin' for something to take off while watching the submarine races at lookout point? Well here you go honeybunny!

1977 Edition of Disney’s Uncle Remus Stories In Nice Condition

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   The Book That Disney Doesn't Want You To Own This is a 1977 edition of Walt Disney's Uncle Remus Stories Based on the Joel Chandler Harris Stories and Characters that Appeared in the 1946 Animated

Black Leather Button Up Victorian Era Baby Shoes

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   Victorian Era Black Leather, Button-Up Baby Shoes From that much romanticized age of Consumption, work houses and Jack the Ripper we have this splendid pair of Victorian baby shoes. All of the buttons are still

1972 Imperial A.J. Foyt Daytona 500 Winner Pocket Knife

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   Imperial Knife Company Pocket Knife Manufactured for the Ingersoll-Rand Company Commemorating A.J. Foyt Jr.'s 1972 Daytona 500 Win This knife is in better condition than it appears. It was obviously used by a mechanic and

Vintage Bakelite Miniature Pool Balls With 2 Tin Racks

click on picture to visit to my ebay store   Very Cool Set of Bakelite Miniature Pool Bolls With 2 Tin Racks These balls are in great condition, but some of the sticker numbers show wear. In the rack they measure 5" across and 4

Hard To Find Loot Crate Deadpool-Aid Deadpool/Kool-aid Mash-Up LG T-Shirt UNWORN

Get your thirst violently quenched with DEADPOOL-AID………….Loot Crate Makes The Coolest Shirts!!!!
…And this one ranks up there with the classic Ewoking Dead one. I became a Looter only a few months ago so I was thrilled to pick up this Limited Edition shirt that I missed out on on eBay last month. Problem is the previous seller listed it as an XXL and, being this side of typical for a comic book nerd, I’m every bit of that size   -and this shirt is not. It’s a Large.  I didn’t even hassle him about it since I know that it’ll be easier to sell it than to ship it back to him for a refund.

He listed it as never worn, and I only tried it on (not fully) for about a second; so I’m still considering this new and unworn.

Vintage 1950’s Peter Puppet Davy Crockett Marionette in Excellent Condition

This Hard To Find 1950’s Davy Crockett Hand Painted, 15″ Marionette from the Peter Puppet Company is in Excellent Condition
Davy’s clothes and hat are clean, without any rips or stains, and with only some slight pilling and a bit of fraying at the hems of his shirt and pants. His painted face is nearly perfect, but his boots have a few spots of paint scuffed off. He is missing his mouth string, but this is easily replace in minutes with any string you might have lying around. His head and feet seem to be made of some sort of plaster, but I’m not sure. He has a triangular control card, which reads “Unitrol” (patent No. 2509135) with labeled slots so his strings can be removed if tangled. He is missing his knife, but for a feller who could grin down a grizzly this is a hardly a necessity.

This is the perfect addition to any Davy Crockett collection.  Not the first, nor last, politician to be considered a puppet, this particular embodiment of the King of the Wild Frontier is as functional as he is displayable.

Vintage Lot of 3 Melted Plastic Popcorn Chrismas Decorations -Rudolph & Frosty

Set of 3 (Rudolph, Frosty & Christmas Tree) Vintage, Classic, Melted Plastic Popcorn Christmas Decorations in Great Condition
If you grew up in the 70’s you’ll remember and revere these ubiquitous holiday accoutrements. Once resplendent in every classroom in the country, nothing brings out the holidays like the time honored motifs of a garishly decorated tree, anthropomorphic flying caribou and a sentient snowman all fashioned out of jagged shards of melted polyethylene!!!

Antique New/Unused!! Disston Warranted Superior Red Diamond 26″ 5.5 Pt Handsaw

DSC07953An Unbelievable Find for Tool Collectors!!!! This 1940’s Warranted Superior Red Diamond Handsaw made by Disston was found in it’s Original Box….UNUSED!!!!! The sealed box was trashed and falling apart so I had little hope for its contents. It fell apart as I tried to open it but inside, wrapped in tissue paper, I found this beautiful, brand new saw. 
Aside from some slight corrosion to one of the rivet ends of the sex bolts and very minute spots of surface rust on the slotted screw heads on the other side this saw is mint. It measures 26″ long and has 5 1/2 points per inch. The Warranted Superior badge is still pristine and the printing on the blade is clear and unblemished reading: “Red Diamond, Spring Steel Warranted, Patent Temper Patent Ground, CC13 – 5 1/2 Points”
I’ve been a Carpenter for nearly 30 years and its taking all of the restraint that I can muster not to take this baby to a 2 X 4…..but then I couldn’t list it as new, could I?

Vintage & Rare 1963 Rolling Stones Crazee Play-Pal Charlie Watts Doll, Near Mint

This is a Very Rare 1963 Crazee Play-Pal Rolling Stones Charlie Watts Doll in Near Mint Condition.
Also manufactured under the Eeegee name, these dolls are really hard to find and seldom in this nice condition. The thing that alway struck me as odd about these dolls is that they were made a full year before the creation of Remco Beatles dolls and prior to the Stones having any hits in the United States. In fact, still in their residency at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, they had hardly made an impact in the U.K. at that point. This has led me to believe that they were manufactured in England at the urging of the very forward thinking Rolling Stones Manager/Producer/Publicist Andrew Loog Oldham…..but that’s just a guess.
Anyhooo, Charlie here has all of his hair (which seems uncut) and hasn’t any flaws to his paint on his soft rubber body and head. He stands 5″ tall and has Play Pal stamped on his left foot and the date 1963 stamped on his right
A must have for any serious collection of Rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia!!!

Vintage Mid Century Little Boy Blue Blow-Mold Nursery Light Box, Night Light

DSC07936 DSC07937This is the Perfect Vintage Accent for your Nursery or Toddler’s Bedroom! A mid-century blow-mold Light Box that would be a classic feature either on a dresser, nightstand or hanging on a wall. This charming piece features that perennial slacker Little Boy Blue conked out on haystack while his barnyard charges run amuck. I hafta be honest; I confuse this poem with the one about the ladybug all the time, but had I had this little treasure hanging on my bedroom wall as a youngster I would never have fretted over some little trumpeter flying away home to save his burning children….the correct version of this cautionary tale would have been forever embedded in my psyche.
All nursery rhyme mash-ups aside, this is a very unique and whimsical piece that is in nice condition with only some slight wear to the wooden box frame (which measures 6 5/8″ X 7″). The blow-mold plastic image retains its colors and is without any cracks or blemishes (aside from needing a gentle cleaning). The light works perfectly and has a 4 1/2 foot cord. The pictures included show a bulb that will not be included as it’s too large and has too great of a wattage (any little bulb will do). There is eye screw on the back for hanging.
The world has been accelerating frantically for the last couple of decades and kids seem to go from Bob the Builder or Dora the Explorer to fragging insurgents in Call of Duty within a couple months. It’d be nice if we could find the time to let our children feel the safety and magic of these traditional motifs that we, and many generations before us, enjoyed from our earliest childhoods.

Antique Original WWI Wooden AEF Trench Periscope

Original WWI Wooden AEF Trench Periscope in Excellent Aesthetic and Working Condition
Not a reproduction, this Periscope was used by a Doughboy in the War To End All Wars to look across no mans land at the Hun charging, bayonets fixed, the trenches of Reims, Verdun or The Marne. It is in nearly perfect working order, with the only slight flaw being some subtle crazing of the backing of one of the two mirrors. -This does not, however, impair it’s view noticeably. It still has its original positioning stick with wing nut and belt hook. I’m not sure of the exact provenience of this piece, but I never shy away from sound speculation: I found this periscope in an estate sale that had a number of World War 1 & 2 artifacts; not displayed or archived as you would a collection but carefully stored in boxes in the basement, the way one would treat something that was passed down generationally. Of course, these periscopes were originally issued with olive drab paint. The widespread use of jungle patterned camouflage by the U.S. Military didn’t really begin until 1942 in the Pacific theater. What I would hazard to guess is that this piece was either passed down to a second generation veteran who served in the Marine Corps in WWII by an older family member who served in either the Army or Marines in WW1……….or it was carried by it’s original “Lifer” owner (there were Marine Master Sergeant stripes in the box as well) when he entered his second World War of that century. I guess that would make these half original issue and half trench art. Either way the paint was nicely done and, in my opinion, ads to interest of the piece.
This periscope will make an excellent shelf piece and addition to any military collection.

Vintage 1950’s Harmony House Teal Bathroom Scale

Vintage 1950's Harmony House Teal Green Bathroom Scale
This scale is in Very Good Vintage Condition. It works well and goes up to 260 lbs. It has some scratches and chips on its paint, a few scratches on its magnified dial face and the vinyl cardboard on the top is starting to pop up and needs to be re-adhered (see photos). Additionally, the dial face needs to be cleaned. This would make a perfect accent piece for a retro 50's bathroom. It looks great as is, and would be amazing if restored


Vintage 1950’s Scott’s All Aluminum Zephyr Duster / Seeder w. Very Rare Spout

This is an Awesome Vintage 1950's Scott's Zephyr Aluminum Duster / Seeder with it's Original Very Hard To Find Original Aluminum Spout Tube in Fantastic Working and Cosmetic Condition

These come up every now and then on eBay, and lets face it; to dust your flowers nobody's come up with a better gadget. Problem is, no one ever has the Original Spout Tube, -and I wouldn't have either if I hadn't scoured the estate sale that I found this baby in for over an hour (it was in the corner of the basement behind the furnace). These were originally made to receive various Scott's products that were packaged in 3" diameter tubes that were designed to fit in it, but you can retro-fit any 3" outside diameter tube, be it PVC or cardboard to fit inside it. The handle cranks easily and the function that limits the amount of seeds or chemicals released seems to function perfectly. The graphics of the Scott's logo embossed on both sides of the green plastic handle and the "Zephyr" snowflake logo on the foil sticker on the outside of the crank box give this sleek aluminum design complete mid-century flair. -So this piece is as cool looking as it is funcitonal

Vintage 1950’s Tommee Tippee Cup Non-Spill Weighted Sipping Toddler Cup

Classic Traditional 1950's Tommee Tippee Cup in Excellent Overall Condition. The outside has very light signs of wear, with once scratch on the the decal. The top has some slight scuffing and the interior is very clean