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I love to cook, especially when I have the right equipment. There are a few items I would never want to be without. Here are a few of my favorites:

A good food processor.

OK, so when I said “I love to cook,” I really should have said “I love to eat.” The actual chopping, slicing, shredding, etc.. does not thrill me. It brings me no additional joy to perform these tasks by hand. What I’m really looking for is great food made as easily as possible. That’s why I have a good food processor. This is one instance where just any old one will not do; it needs to have adequate power and super sharp blades. Otherwise you will not end up with great food. Check out this site to find out everything you ever wanted to know about food processors.

A toaster oven.

I like to be able to have real food made quickly. A toaster oven heats up quickly and won’t leave you waiting to preheat a full-sized oven just to make a single serving. And toaster ovens usually have heating elements at the top, very close to where the food is baked. This is perfect for melting (and browning) cheese on top of just about anything. And what isn’t improved by a thick layer of gooey browned cheese? Click here to find the perfect toaster oven.

A microwave oven.

Sometimes even a toaster oven takes too long. A microwave oven is the perfect appliance to have food ready in minutes or even seconds. I love the almost instant gratification I get by taking something from my freezer and having it ready to eat in a few minutes. Did I mention I like to eat? Anyone who hasn’t updated their microwave oven in recent years will be pleasantly surprised by the vast improvements made industry-wide. New models go way beyond things like popcorn settings that use a pre-determined time and heat to cook popcorn. Now there are microwave ovens that measure steam levels and sense chemical reactions to know when food is done. No more guessing at how long or how high to cook things. Now that is the easiest way to get food cooked. Find out more about all the latest and greatest microwave ovens here.

A gas grill.

I will admit that the manliest (and therefore best) way to grill involves open fire or charcoal. But that isn’t always practical. Sometimes you need the convenience of a gas grill. You get way more control over the heat and you can cook many things at the same time, without hot spots. You can slow cook ribs at 200 degrees (and keep the temperature steady) or char a steak at 600 degrees while still leaving a wonderful, rare center. Those kind of results are hard to consistently achieve with open fires or charcoal. So get a good gas grill to cook most meals, and leave the open fire for special occasions. Click here now to get the perfect one; you won’t regret it!

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