Original Vintage 1977 Don Post 2 PC. Plastic Star Wars Darth Vader Mask w/ Box

This is an Original First Edition 1977 Don Post Star Wars 2 Piece Hard Plastic Darth Vader Mask in Very Good Used Condition with its Original Box and Paperwork
Darth looks great, with his only flaws being a small chip on the bridge of what would have been his nose, if he had a nose, a bit of light scuffing and some nearly imperceptible scratches. He is, however,  still highly wearable and/or displayable. The inside of the back portion of his helmet reads "DON POST STUDIOS, DO NOT USE AS SAFETY HELMET" and "STAR WARS MASKS COPYRIGHT TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORPORATION". The velcro that holds the two halves together is still in nice shape and the one-way see-thru plastic over the eyes is clear and scuff-free. I would imagine that this mask will fit most adult melons, considering that it easily enshrouded my nearly hydrocephalic dome  -scared the piss outta my dogs with it (they are so Rebel Alliance it's sick!)
The box has some shelf-wear, a little bulging and a tiny bit of faint staining on the top flap, but it's still solid and without any rips or tears (it does have the numbers 06-119 written in blue ball point pen ink on the front panel towards the top, and I assume that this was some sort of stock number)
Collecting Star Wars is all fine and good, but Star Wars '77, like Batman '66 or Planet of the Apes '68………..well, that beats going to the Tosche Station to pick up power converters or bulls-eyeing womp rats in your T-16 any day


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