Original 1970’s Tom Petty LG Satin Embroided Bomber Road Crew Tour Jacket!!!

Original 1970's Tom Petty LG Satin Embroided Bomber Road Crew Tour Jacket!!!

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Original 1970's Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Men's Large Embroidered Satin Road Crew Bomber Tour Jacket In NEW CONDITION!!!

This jacket is a piece of Rock 'n' Roll history! These tour jackets were not available to the public and were only given to members of the road crew or management team. This one is manufactured by "Satins By Karen Magidaw Los Angeles" It is a Men's Large and Has the Original Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Flying "V" through the heart logo of their self-titled 1976 debut album embroidered beautifully on the back and the name "Mike" embroidered on the front. The reason that the jacket is unworn is that "Mike" had it framed and hanging on his wall since receiving it in the 70's. I removed it from its frame in order to check its size and condition. Additionally, shipping it in a 4' X 4', 27 lb glass and metal frame would have been not only cost-prohibitive, but risky; since breakage is a possibility and in that instant, damage to the jacket likely

I saw Tom back in '79 during the Damn The Torpedoes tour a few months after I saw the Ramones for the first time and felt guilty that I was cheating on my new religion, but as cathartic and fun as punk was in its early days I couldn't help thinking that The Heartbreakers brand of straight-forward guitar pop, although bereft of the fierceness and attitude, came from that same place of British Invasion and Garage Rock inspiration. I also noticed that the road crew had some pretty cool jackets that would no longer fit in with my newly acquired, deliberately nihilistic fashion sensibility. Well I've grown a lot since then, figuratively and literally, and despite the fact that I would proudly wear this jacket now, it's a few sizes too small for me.

Veering from memory lane, lets discuss rarity here. I can't even find a sentence, let alone a picture of one these gems on the internet. This isn't something that will likely come up for auction again in the next decade. If you or someone you love is a Rock fan or memorabilia collector (it did look really cool framed); a lover of Tom Petty (or if not; has a well-developed sense of irony), or if you think you or that loved one would look great strutting around like an old school DJ or roadie, then this is your chance.


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