Original 1964 Mattel Thingmaker Creepy Crawler Set in Foil Top Box

Classic, Original 1964 Mattel Thingmaker Creepy Crawler Set In Foil Top Box

One of the coolest toys of all time, Thingmaker Creepy Crawlers are a timeless toy that continues to be manufactured to this day. Present models, however, are virtually impossible to burn yourself with…….and where's the fun in that? No my friend, it's the Original version, the 1964 version, with its spooky graphics and potential for life-altering disfigurement that stands as a testament to those carefree days of teeter totters, merry-go-rounds and mile high jungle gyms in asphalt grounded parks, when bike helmets and car seats didn't exist!!! -Back when Darwinism was given a gentle nudge by our general disinterest in safety, and the weak were weeded out spectacularly

This particular set has its good points and its bad:

1. The foil top box is in excellent condition (look at the photos. It'd be hard to find a better one!)
2. It has all 9 of it's original molds and one bonus Spooky Lobster Mold (okay, maybe it's a Faintly Disconcerting Lobster Mold)
3. All four vintage bottles of Plastigoop have some of their original contents -still in liquid form
4. It has it's cooling tray, prongs and manual

1. THE OVEN DOESN'T WORK! It doesn't heat up, and it's in poor condition anyway, with a bent corner and scuffing
2. The Styrofoam bottom is in generally crappy condition – dirty, with paint stains and burn holes
3. The molds need cleaning and the manual is a little dog-eared

If you are a serious collector you realize that to get a toy like this in pristine condition you often have to purchase various parts of it individually. The box top and the molds of this set would be a great step forward towards that showpiece you're working towards. Besides, mint condition vintage ovens aren't that expensive or hard to find

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