Original 1964 12″ G.I. Joe Action Marine w/ Brown Boots, Helmet & Knife -Mint


This Original 1964 Hasbro 12" G.I. Joe Action Marine is in Perfect Unplayed With Condition. His uniform is minty clean with the camouflage print still vibrant and the snaps still a' snappin'. He has his original high Brown Boots, a pair of Binoculars (the strap is missing), a Combat Knife w. Sheath and his Helmet (which is the hard plastic variety with the chin strap and hook still intact). His hard plastic head has dark brown hair and is flawless. The embossed print on his hinder reads: G.I. Joe Copyright 1964 By Hasbro Patent Pending Made In The U.S.A.
We also have an Original 1966 G.I. Joe German Soldier in Equally Pristine Condition up for auction right now……so hurry up and take a look!

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