New & Unworn Stetson Cedar Creek Hat 7 1/8 Outback Style Fedora. Indina Jones!

Stetson Cedar Creek Fedora, size 7 1/8  -Unworn & Brand New

Stetson's Cedar Creek model has often been called everything from a cowboy hat (brim not wide enough) to a fedora (brim too wide), but it's actually an Outback Style hat more in keeping with the style worn by Indiana Jones than Crocodile Dundee. This particular Cedar Creek hat has never been worn and has sat in a box since its purchase (I believe from the 1980's). It is a brown or "Bark" color with a matching feather band and pin
This would make an excellent gift for your favorite adventurer whether he be a ladykilling, holy artifact hunting archeologist, a ladykilling, Ausie croc-wrangler set adrift in urban America……or just some guy that likes nice hats…….and ladykilling of course!

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