Mid-Century Cram’s Imperial !2″ Globe With Brass Full Meridian Swing Stand

Cram's Globe

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Mid-Century Cram's Imperial 12" Globe with Brass Full Meridian Swing Stand

This is an excellent, yet admittedly anachronistic, piece from a time when the world made sense (Uzbekistan?……Really? Uzbekistan?), when there were places like Czechoslovakia and Tanganyika, and when Thailand still had "Siam" in parentheses beneath it.

The globe is in near perfect shape with only some slight creasing off the coast of Spanish Sahara (see what I mean?……"Spanish Sahara"!…….Classic!). The meridian is in great shape and the base looks very nice, but has a few small corrosion spots

This globe would be a perfect accent piece on a book shelf or desk and will serve as constant reminder that, while Math is the only constant in the Universe and History is doomed to repeat itself, some Geographical etymology is just a fad

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