Mid-Century 20 Piece Green Ribbed Raffiaware Set. CLASSIC!

PLASTICS! They're the wave of the future!!!

Think of how much easier their lives would have been if George Bailey had accepted Sam Wainwright's offer, or if Benjamin Braddock had payed more attention to Mr. Robinson's advice than his wife. Plastics have enriched our lives and overwhelmed our landfills, but never have they, nor will they again, reach the lofty heights of celebration and innovation that they were awarded in the early 1960's

This early 60's 20 piece set of Green Ribbed Raffiaware by Thermo-Temp straddles that fine line between retro fun and kitschy cool. The set includes 4 mugs, 4 tumblers, and 4 coffee cups, 4 cereal bowls, as well as 4 (very hard to find) serving trays with built in cup holders . The trays have some surface scratches from use and the bowls have a moderate amount of scuffing inside. The cups are in great condition

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