Lot Of 22 Vintage Marx Warriors Of The World -Most w/ Their Cards

An Excellent Assortment Of 22 Marx Warriors Of The World -Most With Their Cards!!!

Condition is As Follows:

The Following Are In Perfect Condition With Presentable Cards:

High Wolf, Roger Dawson, Brown Bart, Ulysses S. Grant, Mike Burns, Bill Mason, Robert E. Lee, Red Miller, Wm. Morris, Peter Mayes, Capt. Floyd,
Dixey Bull, Olaf, Maius, and Maximus

These Figures Have These Issues:

Rebel Soldier (No Card), Haakon (Broken Bow), John Reeves (Broken Drum Sticks), John Henry (Broken Rifle), Joe Bates (Broken Rifle), Richard Travis (Card in Bad Shape), Little Crow (Broken Rifle)

Additionally, I have a card for Bill James, but no figure

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