Large 38 1/2″ Mounted Barracuda -Vintage Taxidermy

Awesome, Large, Vicious Mounted 38 1/2" Barracuda!

OK, I don't know squat about taxidermy (fish especially), so I'm counting on you experts out there to hip me to the facts. I don't understand the whole fish replica/cast from a real fish thing. This thing, in many ways looks real to me, and in others not so much. There are scales -the fiberglass ones don't seem to have them. The fins and gills aren't plaster or fiberglass, but they seem like brittle paper……and they seem real to me as well. Yes, the mouth is filled with plaster and there is almost no detail on the wall side of the 'cuda. What I do know is that this thing is around 60 years old. It's in very nice condition, but it has some (fixable?) issues. The front pectoral fin has a crack in it (see photo 2) -it isn't a break and I believe that it can be easily mended and touched up. some of the scales have come off of the mid-section (see photo 3), there are some teeth missing and there are some small spots around the mouth where the paint has flaked off (photo 4). None of these things are quickly noticeable when taking the fish in as a whole; the only thing going through your mind is that you're glad that you're not in the water with this freakin' nightmare. There is an excellent mounting loop in the back that allows for quick wall hanging at various angles
If you have Manly Space about your quarters this piece will definitely push the cool-meter into the red

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