Insane 1950’s Green Elephant Figural Planter Lamp w/ Fiberglass Shade

Elephant Lamp

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This Is The Kitschiest Lamp On Earth!!!

I love the 50's. Let's forgo a discussion about McCarthyism, social injustice, sexual inequality and protracted Southeast Asian conflicts and just focus on the fun stuff for a moment, Okay? The 50's were a time of unbridled imagination and guiltless consumerism, and designers went bananas. Nothing was considered too tacky, too gaudy or too overwrought to be manufactured.

Exhibit A: A 1950's Ceramic Lime Green Elephant (with a Brown Native Rider) Planter Lamp Featuring A Fiberglass Shade With Matching Green Fringe and Finial!!!!

Lamps from that era are what got me into the 50's in the first place. They seem so extreme, so unabashedly ridiculous. I have bought many over the years and they seem to change the atmosphere of the room they're in instantly. Of all of the ludicrous lamps that I have bought, sold or kept, this one reigns supreme. A great 50's lamp should make people stop in their tracks, maybe chuckle a little or possibly throw up in their mouths a bit. This one accomplishes all three reactions. I suspect that after they manufactured this unbelievable masterpiece they not only broke the mold, but executed the workers, burned down the factory and salted the earth.

This lamp measures 28 1/2" high to the top of its finial. The elephant is 10" long, 7" wide and 10" high. The shade is 20" in diameter at the bottom and 9" at the top. It is in Pristine Condition; the green leather lacing is intact and without any signs of dry-rot. The shade hasn't any lamp burns, stains or creases. The ceramic elephant and finial are without any crazing, cracks, chips or scratches and the power cord and push-button switch work perfectly. I believe that the original owner treasured and protected this lamp knowing full well that if it broke he would certainly be cursed by the God of all things absurd. I will be shipping the lamp (along with the complimentary plastic vine shown in the photo) and the shade separately in order to insure the safety of the shade, -so shipping will reflect that added cost.

I would love to keep this piece, but alas, I can't keep everything I love or I'd have nothing fantastic to sell. It has sat on a table next to some Tiki statues in my living room for the last month waiting to be listed and it has garnered more attention than anything that I've ever owned. Some of the people who have seen it have not returned since (it therefore serves the purpose of weeding out the undesirables). Whoever buys this lamp is not only a person of bold constitution and uncompromising taste, but a kindred spirit who, like myself, challenges the impotent blandness of present day household illumination!


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