Iconic 1960’s Big Eye “Puppy Love” Print by Lee

Lee Print

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Classic 8" X 20" Lee Big-Eye Kids Hard Cardboard with Faux Brush Strokes "Puppy Love" Print mounted on a Pressboard Backing

Yes I realize that they have their backs turned, but if these two amorous waifs and their titular puppy turned around you just know that they'd have those freakishly large, saucer sized eyes. These prints, originally adorning the living room walls of grandmothers who sent away for them via Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping ads of the 60's, have now attained a vaunted status of pop-culture kitsch. They are a watermark of ironic good taste for hipsters the world over

This print is in great condition with only some very slight blunting at the corners and a one inch section of one edge that is just (barely) starting to pull away from its mounting near the top right side. Although I am obliged to mention these little blemishes, they are hardly noticeable and this print still maintains excellent present-ability

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