Hard To Find Loot Crate Deadpool-Aid Deadpool/Kool-aid Mash-Up LG T-Shirt UNWORN

Get your thirst violently quenched with DEADPOOL-AID………….Loot Crate Makes The Coolest Shirts!!!!
…And this one ranks up there with the classic Ewoking Dead one. I became a Looter only a few months ago so I was thrilled to pick up this Limited Edition shirt that I missed out on on eBay last month. Problem is the previous seller listed it as an XXL and, being this side of typical for a comic book nerd, I’m every bit of that size   -and this shirt is not. It’s a Large.  I didn’t even hassle him about it since I know that it’ll be easier to sell it than to ship it back to him for a refund.

He listed it as never worn, and I only tried it on (not fully) for about a second; so I’m still considering this new and unworn.

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