Disney Christmas Collection 7 1/2″ Tinker Bell Tree Topper, Rare Version NIB!!!

Tinker Bell Tree Topper

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Nothing says "Merry Christmas" better than a scantly-clad well-endowed pixie!

I had no Idea how many Tinker Bell tree toppers there were until I started researching this estate sale find. Out of the dozen or so that have been produced over the years I cannot find another one like this anywhere on the web. Tink is ceramic and her tree stand is brass. She has no wand (her hands weren't made for one and it isn't pictured on the box), her feet are side by side and her wings are sparkly blue. She measures 7 1/2" from her naughty little slippers to the tip of that bun/ponytail thingy. She is new and has only been removed from her Styrofoam and cardboard prison in order to provide the included photos (the Styrofoam was difficult to remove from the box so it got a little dented)


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