Creative Collectibles Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead Plate w/ Stand & C.O.A.

Creative Collectibles 8 1/4" "Jerry Garcia Bathed In Red" Plate from the Flashback Series, Mint Condition with Wooden Display Stand

This Collectors Plate belongs in the home of a hardcore Deadhead! Entitled "Jerry Garcia Bathed In Red", it features a silkscreened image of Captain Trips himself with "August 1, 1942" & "August 9, 1995" at the top, and "All a Friend Can Say is Ain't it a Shame." on the bottom. The Certificate of Authenticity informs us that this is part of the Flashback Series, that "This plate is the first of a four plate series." and that it is "Plate No. 1197 of the 1st run of 3300.". The inside of the certificate states that: This 8 1/4" collectors plate captures the long time rock 'n roll star, Jerry Garcia as he weaves one of his melodic tapestries, under the fiery concert lighting. We were able to capture the intensity of this musician by using a photo taken from a Grateful Dead Concert in 1980 at the Capitol Theatre in Pasaic, New Jersey."
I've seen a few of these for sale, but none of them have the stand that we're including with this one. With two blocks made to look like speakers serving as pillars on either side of the plate, a placard that reads Jerry Garcia, with a groove for the plate to sit in and a dowel running horizontally for it to lean against this is an excellent way to display your new treasure. The plate is in mint condition, with it's gilded edges intact. The stand has a few very small nicks that could be easily touched up with a quick swipe with a rag dipped in natural colored stain

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