Complete 1968 Presidents Set With Stand With Flag in Pristine Condition

Outstanding, Near Mint, Complete Set of 2 3/4", Hand-Painted, Marx President Figures Complete with Columned Base and American Flag.

Talk about your educational toys! I remember kids always had a few of these laying around in their bedrooms when I was a youngin'. I never saw a complete set of all 35 back then; that would have required 8 or 9 months of fill-ups at the gas stations that gave these away. Whoever owned these originally must have kept them in a dark, dry, vacuum chamber from the looks of them. They have been neatly glued down to the base (the columns still detach) and they are all in perfect condition, without any scratches or wear to the paint. The base itself is also flawless as far as I can tell with only a few slight imperfections that are common to molded Styrofoam. I'm also throwing in an extra, loose John Quincy Adams in case you want to start a Supreme Court Justice set as well (it would be cooler if I had an extra Grover Cleveland since he served as President for two non-consecutive terms, but he also takes up a lot of room….not the amount that Taft does, but………sorry, I'm ranting).

This is a classic toy in superb condition and it would look perfectly at  home on the shelf of your library, den or room of a young and nimble-minded student.

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