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Mid Century Gino Sarfatti 8 Can Brass Chandelier

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Vintage 1960’s Ever-Wear Tav-L-Bar, Travel Bar Set, Excellent Condition with Key

DSC07922 This is a Swanky, Mad Men era Essential: The Trav-L-Bar by Ever-Wear. How could one pickle his/her liver without a ceaseless supply of alcohol? So indulge that 2 pack a day habit, slather on that Brill Cream and douse yourself with Jade East cologne -show these new age milk-toasts how life is supposed to be lived. Cars were meant to guzzle gas, women like to be called “Babe” and Mel Torme could totally kick Bruno Mars’ ass!!!!!

…Sorry ’bout that. It’s the booze talkin’

This case is in nearly perfect conditon. It has compartments for two whiskey bottles on one side (or one whiskey and one mixer). and holds various bar tools on the other. It comes with four medium size aluminum cups and one small one, a mixing spoon, an antler handled bottle opener, a deck of unopened playing cards and an envelope with a key to lock the case. An empty bottle is included.

I’m not sure if this set is complete, but as I’ve researched these on eBay, I’ve come to realize that there are a variety of impliments that have been included over the years and there are a number of listings for stand alone Trav-L-Bar accessories in case you feel like adding anything to yours.

Vintage 1960’s Colgate Palmolive Mr. Magoo Soaky Bubble Bath Bottle

DSC07986 This is a Classic 1960’s Mr. Magoo Soaky by the Colgate Palmolive Company in Very Nice Condition. He stands 10″ tall and has only a few small spots where his paint has scratched off (see photos).

1985 Jim Beam 20″ Statue Of Liberty Decanter Excellent Condition

 1985 Jim Beam 20″ Statue Of Liberty Decanter in Excellent Condition
This is an excellent addition to either a J.B. decanter collection or a Statue Of Liberty Collection. Liberty has a sandy bisque finish and her base is glossy ceramic. There is a Jim Beam foil label in the front of the base and a tin plate on the back that reads “Give me your tired…(in its entirety)”. Lady Liberty is affixed to her base with Velcro. There are no cracks or blemishes on this piece.

Vintage 1960’s Jigsaw Jr Working Tin Toy Electric Jigsaw by Burgess Industries

DSC07915This is a toy “Jigsaw Jr.” by Burgess Industries “Vibrocrafters”, Grayslake IL. It is 50W 1.5 Amps and 115 volts. It is in good working order and will vibrate well enough to cut balsa or other thing soft woods without taking off your child’s finger. The base measures 9″ long, 7″ wide and 5″ high. It has a 5′ cord There is some slight rust on the arm and some scuffing on the table, but the tin-litho base still retains its graphics nicely.

Sealed Vintage Coco Joe’s USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor Lava Desk Pen Set

DSC07906 This is a Vintage Lava Stone USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor Desk Pen Set by Coco Joe’s of Hawaii…..SEALED & NEW.

Set of 3 Vintage 1961 Walt Disney’s Wonderful World Of Color TV Trays

I’ve never seen TV Trays screaming so loudly for some Jiffy Pop and a bottle Of Squirt. Talk about a Childhood Classic!


This is a Fantastic set of 3 Vintage 1961 Walt Disney’s Wonderful World Of Color TV trays featuring Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Huey, Dewy & Louie all watching Prof. Ludwig Von Drake on The television. One of these trays has a little rust spot and a few specks of rust here and there and a little scuffing, but it is still in nicer condition than 90% of these trays that I’ve seen listed…….the other two trays, however, are freaking minty!!!! -Look at the pictures. You wouldn’t hesitate buying them if you picked them up off the shelf today in that condition. The back sides of all of them have a few spots of rust. They are trademarked 1961 Disney Productions with a globe in the corner reading Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.

Lot of 2 Criterion Collection, The Killing Blu-Ray, The Hidden Fortress DVD

 DSC07933I am listing this copy of Akira Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress on DVD and Stanley Kubrick’s “The Killing” on Blu-Ray, both Criterion Collection editions, as “Used”, but neither one of them has ever been opened. I bought both of them without realizing that I already had copies of them, removed the shrink wrap and recognized my mistake as I went to put them on my shelf.

…yes, I’m a moron.

Annihilators Vol. 1 Hardcover Issues 1-4, Rocket Racoon & Groot Alternate Cover

 DSC07980Annihilators Issues 1-4 Collected in Hardcover Volume 1 with a Limited Edition Rocket Racoon & Groot Alternate Cover in Near Mint Condition.

This book has never even been read. I now sheepishly admit that when I saw the cover I bought it immediately, open the shrink wrap and then realized that I already had this book with the original Silver Surfer cover. So it’s never been read and cracked open only once.

Returns accepted if condition or functionality of item was not as described. Notification of intended return must be given within 7 days of delivery and item must be returned to seller within 2 weeks.

DSC07888This Mid-Century Japanese Made Chalkware Golfer Bar Statue Stands 11 1/2″ and is in Excellent Condition. He comes complete with a Stirring Spoon (which serves as his club) and a golf bag that contains a strainer and a bottle/can opener (all stainless steel). The bottom of this figurine has green felt with the word “Japan” stamped on it.

The summation of everything sacred to that dipsomaniac duffer we all know and love (especially if it’s ourselves), this piece would look great decorating the home bar.