Antique VTG 1920’s Planter’s Peanuts 6-Sided Mr. Peanut Store Counter Glass Jar

This is an Classic Antique 1920's Planters Peanuts Store Counter 6-Sided Jar in Excellent Condition. The jar measures 9 1/2" to the top of it's lid and 8" across to its widest points. The yellow graphics are without any flaws, with the ever jaunty (for a legume) Mr. Peanut printed on 3 sides and the "Planters" name on the other 3. The lid has the name "Planters" name etched in it on opposing sides, features a glass peanut handle and still has quite a bit of it's cork lining (this is usually completely gone on these). The bottom has the words "Made In USA" impressed on it
This is a very distinctive and attractive piece from the early days of product promotion


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