Antique Turn oF the Century Wooden Poker Chip Box Set w/ Snake Skin Covered Top

Early 20th Century Poker Set

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Fantastic Hand Made Poker Chip Set From the Early 1900's with Wooden Chips and a Snake Skin Cover

Such a unique and well-made example of bygone craftsmanship,  This poker set is in beautiful condition. If desired, with a little Armor All for the top, and a little Pledge for the case, this piece will look like new (not bad for a set that was around when the Wright Brothers first took flight and Marconi created Radio). The base of the box is constructed of what appears to be solid maple with a wooden knob handle. The chips are also wooden and dyed white (100 pieces), red (50 pieces) and blue (50 pieces). The top of the case is made of very sturdy cardboard that has been covered in snake skin that has been dyed brown

The cover makes me think that this set originated out west; and that idea opens my imagination to images of smoke filled saloons and whiskey fueled card games among cowhands and gunfighters (or wizards and pirates, or secret agents and quick lube technicians…….my imagination is pretty messed up). Less flashy and more primitive than many of the later chip boxes, this is a very rare, distinctive piece that was made with precision and skill. It would make a great addition to your gambling or Old West memorabilia collection, or as a distinctive part of your regular poker game

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