Antique Norah Wellings Cloth Jollyboy Sailor Doll. England

This is a classic Norah Wellings Jollyboy Sailor Cloth Doll in Great Condition

It's hard to date these exactly since they were produced for 30 years with only a few variations, but based on the era of the items at the estate sale where I picked him up I would guess that this li'l swabby was from the mid '40's. Although most of these toys were manufactured by the Victoria Toy Works of England for cruise ships to sell as souvenirs (beginning with the Queen Mary in 1929), this one hasn't any ship designation. He is relatively clean, with only a very small, faint  water spot on the back of his head just bellow his cap. His right eyebrow is somewhat faded and the front of his neckerchief seems to be missing (although its cape is white rather than the customary light blue, so I don't know if he is actually missing anything at all). This model has shoes and a tag on his right foot

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