Antique New/Unused!! Disston Warranted Superior Red Diamond 26″ 5.5 Pt Handsaw

DSC07953An Unbelievable Find for Tool Collectors!!!! This 1940’s Warranted Superior Red Diamond Handsaw made by Disston was found in it’s Original Box….UNUSED!!!!! The sealed box was trashed and falling apart so I had little hope for its contents. It fell apart as I tried to open it but inside, wrapped in tissue paper, I found this beautiful, brand new saw. 
Aside from some slight corrosion to one of the rivet ends of the sex bolts and very minute spots of surface rust on the slotted screw heads on the other side this saw is mint. It measures 26″ long and has 5 1/2 points per inch. The Warranted Superior badge is still pristine and the printing on the blade is clear and unblemished reading: “Red Diamond, Spring Steel Warranted, Patent Temper Patent Ground, CC13 – 5 1/2 Points”
I’ve been a Carpenter for nearly 30 years and its taking all of the restraint that I can muster not to take this baby to a 2 X 4…..but then I couldn’t list it as new, could I?

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